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Entry by Masao [ www ] :  

Hey, I just want to say your sites always look so pretty, and I'm really happy you're still around, since so many people have let their domains go. Keep up the great work!

Signed on June 23, 2016 for Heavenly Divine Network

Entry by Aelyn [ www ] :  

Testing this if it works now. Just upgraded to the new version! :!cheer:

Admin Reply: And how about this one? Oh yes it does! ;)

Signed on June 10, 2016 for Heavenly Divine Network

Entry by Vanessa [ www ] :  

Your layouts are super cute! :) i love it.

Signed on April 3, 2016 for Heavenly Divine Network

Entry by Kim:  

Hello~~ Just wanted to drop by to say hello and also your layouts are soooooo pretty!

Signed on March 27, 2016 for Celestialis

Entry by My [ www ] :  

I love your site <3 Your website layout looks so pretty~! x3

Signed on March 7, 2016 for Skylude

Entry by Janicel:  

Just wanna say great job on the reopening of your domain! Hehehe~~ I just happen to be those domain stalker-ISH people that loves looking at your work :P Keep up the great work :!wave: :!wave:

Signed on November 18, 2015 for Aelysia

Entry by Cerine [ www ] :  

HORRAY! Thanks Aelyn for putting up the guestbook script. Now just testing it lol This layout is soooo KAWAIIIII! :!blush: :!cheer: :!cute: :!laugh: :!nod: :!shocked: :) :!sweet: :P :!wave: ;)

Admin Reply: Thanks Cerine! This guestbook was quite a challenge since flat files are harder to work on than databases!

Signed on October 30, 2015 for Heavenly Divine Network

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