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Entry by mue [ www ] :  

i really love all the clamp series and shows yay =3 well yah hii everyone

Signed on September 10, 2017 for Skylude

Entry by Foulques [ www ] :  

Just stumbled on your site <3 It is very nice and would never equal the amount of love and labor poured into this XD

Signed on August 14, 2017 for Heavenly Divine Network

Entry by Kuruccha [ www ] :  

Glad to see Trigun is still under good care with the owner /o/ much love from Italy! <3

Signed on July 26, 2017 for Skylude

Entry by Isadora:  

I must say I love the designs and work you guys put into your sites! ^o^ Keep it up guys, this is one of my favorite domains I visit!

Signed on July 13, 2017 for Skylude

Entry by Lucien [ www ] :  

I love Celestialis' new look, it's gorgeous - I don't like Kotori very much, but your that design is just breath-taking. :)
I'm also in total awe of your portfolio, each layout is better than the other....I wish I could design something at least close to that. :!blush:

Signed on May 29, 2017 for Celestialis

Entry by Amy:  

Just wanted to leave a note! Hope you're doing well!

Signed on March 29, 2017 for Heavenly Divine Network

Entry by Steff:  

just wanna say that your websites has one of the most creative and gorgeous looking layouts I've seen :D

Signed on March 10, 2017 for Heavenly Divine Network

Entry by Camilla [ www ] :  

Your site is so beautifull !!! (sorry my english is very bad : i'm a french girl ) I love your design !!! I hope you will continue your site ! In france we says "bonne chance" (good luck !) ^o^

Signed on January 27, 2017 for Celestialis

Entry by Elaine:  

Wow! I mean WOW!!! You have a very lovely site. This obviously took a lot of work and time. I know it's a lot of work if I want to get mine even remotely as inspiring as yours. Nicely done. I've been here several times and am impressed every time. Keep up the fabulous work ^^

Signed on December 7, 2016 for Heavenly Divine Network

Entry by Lucien [ www ] :  

This is a quick message to let you know Neon Sky was updated and had a change of look; come take a peak, please. :!cheer:

Signed on December 7, 2016 for Celestialis

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