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Entry by Ainna [ www ] :  

I am just head over heels in love with all your designs! :!cheer: :!blush:

Signed on November 18, 2019 for Skylude

Entry by kels:  

hey, so not sure if you noticed that there's a person who seems to keep replicating some of your 'design formats' but your work is far better and has more creativity + originality. ppl cant seem to figure out that even changing things around still looks like your designs lol

Signed on September 7, 2019 for Skylude

Entry by Michelle:  

:!cute: :!cute: I've not been through some of the sections yet, but I can tell that you both put so much effort and creativeness into your works. Such an inspiration :!nod: :!cheer:

Signed on July 31, 2019 for Skylude

Entry by Lene [ www ] :  

This is for all of the websites you two create--- they're so beautiful. Very refreshing to see such intricacies in both layout and designs!

Signed on July 22, 2019 for Celestialis

Entry by Leeeeaaah:  

Ahhhh! I admire your works, soooo pretty :3

Signed on May 24, 2019 for Celestialis

Entry by A [ www ] :  

Hey, I made a 200x40 linkback button for Dreamscape, since I wanted to link Pokemon sites I admired on my website and was using 200x40 buttons. It's just made of the current banner on the collective :)

Signed on April 10, 2019 for Dreamscape - Pokemon Collective

Entry by delilah:  

Your designs are superb! Keep up the awesome work!

Signed on March 12, 2019 for Skylude

Entry by faye:  

I check this site every now and then and it's still beautiful as usual ^^

Signed on January 27, 2019 for Celestialis

Entry by Luna [ www ] :  

Your websites simply just amazes me every time I come to visit! And your designing skills are constantly improving, so jealous! Thank you for keeping the Trigun FL alive! Greetings from Sweden~

Signed on June 13, 2018 for Skylude

Entry by mei senpai:  

• do you like cute sweets?
♥ yes
♥ neuu

Signed on May 23, 2018 for Celestialis

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